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Like any other political party Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Janasena too faces some stereotype criticisms which are frequently read on newspapers and are heard in TV channels' discussions. One such criticism which oppositions tend to blame Jansena is that it would become another PRP. However, Janasena's supporters and observers are rubbishing this criticism with following defence which is quite appealing. 

* Pro TDP media would spill venom on PRP then. PRP had no defence mechanism except to face those criticisms silently. Moreover, Megastar Chiranjeevi's soft-natured attitude turned as a bless in disguise for oppositions. On the contrary, Janasena gets huge support from party's loyalists in social media. Moreover, the party's sympathisers owned a TV channel and two more TV channels may also be owned by the party to ensure its voice reached to public. Many intellectuals, neutralists and non government organisations are also supporting Janasena.

* When Chiranjeevi launched PRP, local body elections were two and half years away which made MPTCs, ZPTCs and Sarpanchs showed no interest on joining PRP. The new comers in villages failed in poll management, booth management and election engineering on the day of polling. With Janasena's fortune, the tenure of Sarpanchs, ZPTCs and MPTCs was ended and many of them already joined Janasena and are silently doing their job. 

* TDP had good cadre strength then. According to Janasena's internal reports, TDP is facing intense anti-incumbency due to breaking up of promises, poor administrative skills, caste mania, Amaravati being treated a graphics city and corruption in Polavaram, sand mafia and many other projects. Obviously, Janasena wants to gain advantage with TDP's blunders. 

* YS Rajasekhar Reddy had extraordinary charisma as a politicians and his super hit welfare schemes made people developed great affection on the Congress party then. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, though, has craze among the people, which is not on par with his late father's fame.

* In spite of numerous odd circumstances PRP could manage gaining 18% votes (Telangana 12%, Rayalaseema 12% and Andhra 23%). The party lost 45 MLA seats with just 1000 to 2000 votes difference. Had the party got better poll management, it would have won many more seats. 

* Since Janasena appeared to have overcome many obstacles unlike PRP and the party is expected to be supported by CPI, CPM, Lok Satta, Aam Admi and BSP, Janasena has good chances winning 2019's elections.

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