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The AP government launched 60 Anna Canteens across Andhra Pradesh which are intended to serve meals with the price of just Rs.5. Having compared this scheme with Telangana government's Annapurna Canteens, the observers disclosed some shocking facts. They are alleging that lot of corruption has been involved in AP's Anna Canteens while TRS government exhibits its generous heart on Annapurna Canteens. Following analysis gives you clarity on how shockingly, TDP government enhanced budget for the canteens. 

* Annapurna canteens were initially launched with just Rs.11 crores budget in 50 centres. AP's Anna Canteens were launched with Rs.200 crores budget in 60 centres.

* Suppliers cost is Rs.20 for Telangana canteens, while it is Rs.42 in AP.

* Government subsidy is Rs.15 for Telangana canteens, while TDP announced the subsidy of Rs.37 paving way for corruption. 

BREAKING: Many Anna Canteens remain closed in the city of Vizag on day two (today). How ridiculous the crores of money is unused to maintain the prestigious Anna Canteens!

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