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Fans trolls Exposing Pawan Kalyan.

Fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan are a frenzied lot and unlike other hero fans, they go overboard and even their hero cannot control them. This was proved many times when PK fans disrupted the speeches of various celebrities for not taking their hero's name at various film functions. 

Many celebrities asked Pawan Kalyan to rein in his fans, but he remained a mute spectator. His fans started taking Power Star's silence as green signal and are continuing in the same vein. Of late they are trolling Renu Desai, former wife of Pawan Kalyan, ever since her engagement with an unknown person. 

Fans are not leaving her, even after she quit Twitter and Facebook and entered into her privacy in Instagram. Renu who warned that if she starts speaking about divorce with Pawan Kalyan, their mouths will be shut and thus made stunning allegations against her former hubby. She said Pawan Kalyan forced her to give divorce and at that time she got a huge shock when she came to know that PK had illegal relation and even had a baby girl. 

PK fans started trolling Renu Desai branding her as a liar. They raised the point that Renu in 2017 in Open Heart with RK confessed that she greeted Pawan Kalyan at the time of Polina's birth. They pointed out that while Renu and Pawan divorced in 2011, Polina was born in 2013. 

Now Renu's PR team came up with the following posts to take on Pawan Kalyan fans and many feel PK fans over action is exposing their hero ultimately. 

Here is the post:

Renu ma'am conveyed her best wishes for the baby's birth after she found out,is waht she said in RK garu interview. She didn't know about the baby's conception,is what she said in Swapna Garu's interview. As her PR team we are giving details because a lot of confusion is being created and Renu maam is being called a liar.Thank You. 

The baby girl Polina was born on 13th March 2012 (9 months gestation means conveived in July 2011). The divorce was finalised after the baby girl's birth on 16th March 2012. This clarification is because last few days we are getting lots of msgs for the confusion created by certain people regarding Renu ma'am's interview with Swapna garu. The baby birthdate and divorce date.

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