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Pawan Kalyan, courtesy of his Praja Porata Yatra is slowly revealing to the public that he is a brilliant actor not just onscreen but of screen too.

During the course of his public meetings, Pawan spoke about an event from his personal life and said that someone had insulted his elder sister. He said he got so furious that he wanted to kill that person. Elsewhere, he said that it was his younger sister, confusing the public.

Speaking at yet another meeting, Pawan admitted that he had neglected his family but said it was for the people. He tried to say something about his marriages but then decided against it.

But his ultimate over-action came when he said that Chiranjeevi was doing a different film called Sye Raa. Later, at another meeting, he said he met his favourite actor Amitabh Bachchan on the sets of his brother’s film recently and added, “Aaa cinema peru yedho undi” and turned to the people behind him for the film’s name.

Finally, at every meeting, Pawan who is asking the people to vote him to power has warned fans against addressing him as ‘CM’, CM’. If he wants his party to come to power, will he not be the CM? Who then will it be? Chiranjeevi?

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