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Pawan Kalyan took divorce from his wife Renu Desai in 2013 and later married Anna Lezhnova.

His relationship with Anna became a talking point before 2014 elections, but then subsided as soon as he lent his support to Telugu Desam party and BJP then.

Since Telugu media is predominantly supportive of TDP, his divorce to Renu and his wedding to Anna didn’t become a political issue. The ‘yellow’ media cleverly buried the issue.

Now that Pawan Kalyan is raising his voice against TDP, ‘yellow’ media has started giving coverage to his former wife Renu Desai’s interviews and her opinions.

The other day, a Telugu newspaper, which is considered TDP’s pamphlet, made Renu Desai’s YouTube channel interview as ‘banner item’.

Gossip is that Pawan Kalyan’s three marriages and his love relationships will be made into election issue by the yellow gang slowly.

As Pawan raises pitch against TDP, his ‘secrets’ will be brought out.

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