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Renu Desai, former wife of Pawan Kalyan who was recently engaged thus ending her ordeal as a single mother for six long years, is getting married in the month of December. 

Renu who is maintaining secrecy over her fiancee, feared due to the diehard fans of Power Star, revealed her wedding plans. She said that she is not having a lavish wedding but a simple ceremony will be held in December at Linga Bhairavi Temple in Coimbatore. 

Renu revealed that she is marrying at the Isha centre in the presence of close family members. 

Since Renu's marraige was a hush hush affair in 2009 with Pawan Kalyan who was the then divorced to his first wife in 2008, Renu friends have been insisting on lavish mehendi and sangee.

To please my friends, I will invite 40 of them this time but will not spend lavishly on jewellery and makeup but instaed do Anna Danam. 

Akira and Aadya are getting close to my fiancee as he is carrying himself as father figure. Akira doesn't want to be an actor and wants to be a writer, said Renu.

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