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Pro TDP news Channels tried to poke fun on Telangana culture, tradition and heritage in their hatred filled programmes during general elections, 2014. TRS Government, however, took a historical decision to impose a ban on two pro TDP media houses. 

One of the media houses, tendered apologies to TRS government thus escaped from the ban in a short span of time. Another media's head, nonetheless, took some time to convey apologies to the Telangana people. 

Apparently,  a few pro TDP news channel will be banned in Telangana again. Especially, one of the news Channels shamelessly let Kathi Mahesh abused Hindus God Sri Rama. The channel was issued a show cause notice by Telangana police today. Further action of the police will be depended on how the channel would react on the notice. 

For a long time, these Channels have been creating unhealthy atmosphere among people of various religions and thus are resorting to law and order problem. Police had to struggle a lot to bring the normalcy. If at all the Channels keep telecasting live debates with anti social elements, needless to say a ban would be imposed on them by the daring and dashing Telangana government and its police.

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