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A top news Channel always crave for better a society. This pro TDP Channel is considered to be the best dignified biased Channel in Telugu states. In the meanwhile, Jansena chief Power Star Pawan Kalyan's aggressive politics are making the Channel frustrated. 

As a result, the Channel appeared to have thought of an innovative strategy to degrade Janasena. If at all, any top politician is rumoured to be joining Janasena, the Channel, right away, cooks up a story that the politician would be joining either TDP or YCP. 

Recently, rumours were afloat that former CBI JD lakshmi Narayana would be joining Janasena soon. Within no time the Channel broadcast that the former CBI JD would play key ole in BJP soon.

Similarly, TDP minister Ganta Satyanarayana was gossiped to be joining hands with Janasena chief. Soon, the Channel created alleged rifts between Ganta and Avanth Srinivas. And finally, the Channel formulated that either Ganta or Avanti would join YCP. 

As the former speaker and Congress leader Nadendla Manohar recently met Power Star, the Channel is publicizing that Nadendla would prefer YCP for next general elections.

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