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Pawan Wishes, Renu Desai Keeps Mum.


Pawan Kalyan’s former wife Renu Desai has got engaged to unknown person and their marriage will take place soon. Renu Desai is happy for her children- son Akira Nandan and daughter Aadhya supporting for her second marriage. Interestingly, Pawan Kalyan too reacted finally on Renu Desai’s second marriage.

“My wholehearted wishes to Ms.Renu garu for entering a new phase of happiness. I wish and pray Almighty & the Mother Nature to bestow upon her abundant health, peace and prosperity,” stated Pawan Kalyan who apparently is happy for Renu Desai choosing a person of her choice.

Pawan Kalyan received mixed response for his wishes to Renu Desai. Interestingly, Renu Desai hasn’t responded to Pawan Kalyan’s message hitherto.

On the flip side, it’s really strange that why Renu Desai is keeping her man’s identity a secret. She didn’t reveal the name of the man, who she is going to spend the rest of her life with. She has even changed her Instagram settings to private. Probably, the official revelation will happen on the day they get married.

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