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Please Be Careful Akhil!.

As Akhil's debut film bombed at the box office, he had to choose his second film cautiously.  That's the reason why he took nearly two years gap to start his second film. Nagarjuna has specially chosen director Vikram Kumar because he has impressed everybody with a wonderful film like 'Manam'.  The shooting of the film is going on with jet speed.

Akhil has recently shared an on location photograph sitting in front of the camera.  We don't know whether he has taken the photograph in a casual manner.. or he was just watching his performance, he attracted negative comments from the netizens.  Only big stars usually watch the shot from the camera view finder.  He has attracted criticism because he is checking the shot before Vikram Kumar and cinematographer PS Vinod.  They are known as the best technicians in their craft.  Netizens are commenting that even before establishing himself as a hero if Akhil does this kind of things, he will get a bad name that he is getting involved in the job of technicians.  

Some people might support him with an argument that Akhil is just checking the shot.  If that's really the case, he has to check the shot in the monitor beside it but he should not sit in the cinematographer's seat.  It is common for some big stars to get involved in the technicians work.  As Akhil is in the initial stages of his career, he should be very careful.  Even if Akhil does something out of curiosity, social media will be always watching him because he is a celebrity.

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