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Pawan, KCR - POWER Discussion.

Meeting between Telangana CM KCR and Jana Sena Party head Pawan Kalyan was a discussion everywhere in Telugu states. More than the scheduled meet, it was the extent of time KCR kept Pawan in waiting and 30 minutes of their closed door conversation which was majorly focused on upgrading Telangana from a power deficit state to power surplus state was on headlines.

Reports say, KCR was so fluent with the statistics and Pawan was shocked when KCR quoted yearly power supply figures before and after the state formation. Pawan immediately wanted Telangana to be taken as a case study by other states to overcome power crisis.   

‘I cannot imagine what would have been the situation of Telangana other than KCR as CM of state. I am a staunch supporter of Telangana agitation and said the same during statehood agitation. As I want to study and analyze the success story of Telangana in evolving as a state with no power cuts, I met him and wished on New Year,’ Pawan Kalyan said.

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