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Trivikram Famous Rent Room Magic.

Trivikram Srinivas, the wizard of words and dialogue sorcerer who spell a magic on Telugu audience with his contemporary writing skills is also orthodox. While people wait eagerly to enjoy his captivating words which make powerful impact whenever he speaks, it is interesting to know that he too follows some sentiments.  

No one better than Sunil and RP Patnaik knew the hardships underwent by Trivikram before he attained stardom. Sunil recently shared how Trivikram spent sleepless nights on roads as he was unable to pay rent for the room. 

Now another news about Trivikram is coming out. Inside talk is Trivikram is paying rent for a room in which he stayed along with Sunil and RP Patnaiak even now. 

Yes, Trivikram according to sources begins to write a story for all his projects by sitting in this same room. Everyone is going crazy about this Trivikram's sentiment on rented room. 

Absolutely right is his dialogue... Mana Deshamlo Scientists Kanna Swamijile Ekkuva Famous... Logics Kaadu Andaru Magics Ne Nammuthaaru.  

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