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An actor of this generation needs to learn many things to gratify each and every section. They require to undergo different makeover and learn new art forms to justify the character they play. 

Likewise, young hero Bellamkonda Srinivas who seems to have lots of faith in his next release Saakshyam has mastered many arts including jetovator.

Of late, heroes sporting six pack abs is not a surprising factor, but Bellamkonda did learn many incredible things for his film Saakshyam. He went Dubai too early before start of the shoot as to learn jetovator (flyboard water jet skiing) and few other sports required for his film.

Srinivas is said to have performed some unreliable stunts without using any body-double in the supervision of Peter Hein. In the above picture, Srinivas looks like a hunk flaunting six pack abs.

Pooja Hegde is leading lady in Saakshyam directed by Sriwass and produced by Abhishek Nama. The supernatural thriller is all set for release tomorrow.

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