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The BJP led union government is eager to go for early polls which are most probably held this November. Currently the BJP government is taking the opinions of various political parties across the couNtry. Interestingly, a majority of political parties including the Congress want to go for early polls. 

As far as Telugu states are concerned TRS, YCP and Janasena also wish to go for early polls. However, the ruling TDP of AP is threatened by the union government and election commission's plans of early polls as they are highly doubtful on their victory in the poll battle. AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and the party's leaders are delivering the statements that they would not prefer early polls and would like to contest general elections as per the previous schedule. 

In the meanwhile, Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna is working for Ntr biopic which he aimed to release for Sankranthi as per CBN's direction. The party's leaders believe that the movie's release before elections would do favour for party's victory.

Since early Lok Sabha polls are inevitable and the election commission may also force TDP for assembly elections, there might be possible poll battle in the month of November. In such case, Ntr biopic can't get released before the elections. This factor is worrying Ntr biopic's team. Let's see how well the things get shaped up.

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